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We, the Healomed GmbH company with headquarters at Munich, are an internationally active business and have specialized on the sale of medicine products and especially of pulsed electro-magnetic devices. As general importer of the PEMF-100 electro-magnetic field generator of the company PEMF Systems Incorporated we are responsible for the sale of the PEMF 100 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

On our website you get further information about the non-invasive therapy with
pulsed electro-magnetic fields, the use of PEMF in human medicine, sports medicine, veterinary medicine and the PEMF-100 electro-magnetic field generator. The following information pages are addressed in the first place to hospitals and practices and primarily to doctors, non-medical practitioners and the people that are mentioned in § 2 of the Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG, german law on advertising for remedies). We ask visitors who are no physicians or people from the mentioned specialist circles kindly to understand that the Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG) allows no detailed informations about case studies and test results for the general public.

In case you belong to a professional group of the specialist circle or to the persons, respectively, who are mentioned in § 2 HWG you can contact us to get access to the password protected internal sector.
In case you are a person outside this specialist circle and need medical information about therapy possibilities, contact us please. With pleasure we forward your question to a licensed physician.

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