PEMF, Magnetfeldtherapie in der Sportmedizin


PEMF in sports medicine

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In chronic overstrain reactions the PEMF therapy ensures an accelerated regeneration of the locomotor system of top athletes and plays also an important part in the successful treatment of acute injuries, primarily in the orthopedic sector.

If an athlete is in pain, sore or hurt, he cannot go on exercising or competing. Because of always returning pain or injuries, he can easily lose his so-called "edge". Such situations can often sideline an athlete, may be for a game, a season or in the worst case even for the whole career.

pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy can help the athlete to restore biomechanical and neuromuscular function after injuries and so return again to peak performance. Not only athletes in ‚high impact’ contact sports such as football/soccer, ice hockey and combative sport benefit from this therapy. Also track-and-field athletes, tennis players, skiers and many others have discovered that the PEMF therapy can give them a certain “competitive edge”.

Attention amateur athletes!

While trained athletes often suffer muscle and joint injuries, the dangers to the „recreational athlete“ are perhaps even greater. Because their muscles and joints may lack the conditioning and flexibility of the trained athlete, strains, tears, and inflammation more often occur and heal only slowly.
The pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy can help here also in the relief of inflammation and pain as well as in the increasing of joint functions and so allow the occasional athlete to get back in the game.

Important Note

Medicine products usually need several years until they are broadly accepted. By relevant jurisdiction, according to the Heilmittelwerbegesetzt (HWG) and the Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb (UWG, german law against unfair competition) we are obliged to point out that the effectiveness of magnetic field therapies is still being discussed controversially in science and is not yet generally accepted.

Healomed GmbH and PEMF Systems, Inc. indicate the statements on our webpages as well as in all media linked with it, the contents of which Healomed is responsible for (brochures, folders, leaflets and so on) that correspond to therapeutic successes, applications, etc. are not based on scientific fact, but are application based results, where PEMF therapy has been used in the treatment of patients in past years. In addition, statements made relate to source-based scientific studies, which may not meet the most current scientific knowledge.