Magnetfeldtherapie Studien und weiterführende Informationen

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Medical information

The application of the PEMF therapy in the human medicine has been well documented in the last decades, and the effectiveness has been tested in various double-blind, placebo-controlled and randomized studies and has been described in scientific reports.
(Source: M. Quittan , O.S., G. F. Wiesinger und Veronika Fialka-Moser, Klinische Wirksamkeiten der Magnetfeldtherapie. Acta Medica Austriaca, 2000. volume 27/3, pages 62-68.)

Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG) allows for persons outside the specialist circles - to which belong primarily doctors, nonmedical practitioners and pharmacists and the persons who are mentioned in § 2 HWG - no detailed or for the general public openly accessible statements, respectively, about:
  • relief or healing...
  • lack of side effects...
  • successes in treatment...
  • acknowledgements by specialists...
  • positive comments, without exception, of users and patients...
In case you are a person outside this specialist circle and need medical information about therapy possibilities, contact us please. With pleasure we forward your question to a licensed physician.

In case you belong to a professional group of the specialist circle or to the persons, respectively, who are mentioned in § 2 HWG you can contact us to get access data for the internal sector protected by password.

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Important Note

Medicine products usually need several years until they are broadly accepted. By relevant jurisdiction, according to the Heilmittelwerbegesetzt (HWG) and the Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb (UWG, german law against unfair competition) we are obliged to point out that the effectiveness of magnetic field therapies is still being discussed controversially in science and is not yet generally accepted.

Healomed GmbH and PEMF Systems, Inc. indicate the statements on our webpages as well as in all media linked with it, the contents of which Healomed is responsible for (brochures, folders, leaflets and so on) that correspond to therapeutic successes, applications, etc. are not based on scientific fact, but are application based results, where PEMF therapy has been used in the treatment of patients in past years. In addition, statements made relate to source-based scientific studies, which may not meet the most current scientific knowledge.