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The PEMF-100 • Operator convenience due intelligent technology

The PEMF 100 magnetic field generator, as a high energy magnetic impulse device, belongs to complementary medicine. It produces a dynamic field with a magnetic flux density of up to 1.9 Tesla per impulse. In contrast to other devices in which thyristor switchs are being used for energie discharge, in the PEMF 100 a capacitor bank, charged with up to 15kV, is being discharged in micro seconds across a spark gap into a plasma chamber. At this high voltage the atmospheric plasma becomes electrically conductive and an impulse similar to bio-resonance is made possible. This complex electrical current impulse is being lead to the treatment spool through a flexible and well isolated cable. When applying the spool to the spot to be treated, an induction voltage is produced.

The benefits of the PEMF-100

The analog control liberates the user from technological ballast. Clearly arranged control elements guarantee a safe and easy operation because of their logical arrangement.
So, the PEMF 100 represents an excellent opportunity to extend efficiently your therapeutic spectrum as a doctor or non-medical practitioner and differs at the same time from other comparable high energy impulse therapy devices, above all, in the following facts:

Lightweight and compact

With about 8kg net weight and dimensions of only 40 cm in height, 24 cm in width and 12 cm in depth, the PEMF 100 is one of the most compact therapy devices of its kind, without losing its efficiency and performance at the same time.


The 2 wheel trolley case fitting
exactly to your device allows an unproblematic transport of the PEMF 100 and the treatment loops belonging to it.
Due to its compact design and its low weight, a flexible and, above all, quick use of the PEMF 100 is ensured.

Fine tuning

By increase or decrease, respectively, of the intensity, the impulse frequency diminishes or rises automatically and allows this way, together with the infinitely variable impulse intensity, a working adjusted to the sensitivity of each patient.


By the three treatment loops, the PEMF 100 can be configured individually according to the needs of the user. Thanks to a special key-lock-principle, the plugging and unplugging of the connections is quick and uncomplicated.

Important Note

Medicine products usually need several years until they are broadly accepted. By relevant jurisdiction, according to the Heilmittelwerbegesetzt (HWG) and the Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb (UWG, german law against unfair competition) we are obliged to point out that the effectiveness of magnetic field therapies is still being discussed controversially in science and is not yet generally accepted.

Healomed GmbH and PEMF Systems, Inc. indicate the statements on our webpages as well as in all media linked with it, the contents of which Healomed is responsible for (brochures, folders, leaflets and so on) that correspond to therapeutic successes, applications, etc. are not based on scientific fact, but are application based results, where PEMF therapy has been used in the treatment of patients in past years. In addition, statements made relate to source-based scientific studies, which may not meet the most current scientific knowledge.